Stahlhelms Military Collectibles is dedicated to preserving the History and Artifacts of WWI & WWII.  Our extensive collection is always growing and includes some of the finest WWI & WWII U.S. uniforms, medals, insignia, weapons and headgear. 
Our German Helmet Collection is one of the finest in the nation and includes German Helmets from the SS, Army, Navy & Luftwaffe.  We also have German WWI pickelhaube (Spiked) Helmets that date from 1914-1918.  Please view out Virtual Museam to see Medals, Daggers, Helmets, Insignia, Patches, Headgear, Uniforms, Home Front Items, Special Services gear and much much more. 


WWI & WWII Museum

Our online Museum is full of WWI & WWII U.S. & German Militaria items.   From our huge German Helmet collection to named uniforms to one of a kind rare collectibles.



Air Shows & Reenactors

Pictures and videos of our favorite Air Shows, Car Shows and Reenactor events.  The Reading WWII Weekend, New Garden Airshow, Wildwood Airfest, Ocean City, NJ Air Show, WWII Weekend, Great Willys Picnic...and many more great events.




All our youtube videos in one place.  From Reenactments & Air Shows to Patriotic WWI & WWII Songs. 

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