Virtual WWI & WWII Museum

Our Museum is currently offline.  We have decided to re-photograph our collection in higher resolution with more detailed, upclose pictures.   We hope to have this section back online by the ASAP,  but our Air Show, CarShow, & Reenactment schedule is taking a lot of our spare time right now.  Make sure you check out those pictures too. 
Thank you for your patience.

Our Museum is a virtual museum that showcases our collection and items we were fortunate enough to photograph from other collections.  These items are only viewable online as we do not have a physical location.  These items are for your viewing pleasure and are not for sale.

Choose the WWI or WWII links to view items from our vast collection of military items from WWI & WWII.



Our WWI section will include Insignia, Medals, Weapons, Uniforms and Helmets. There are also few named groupings. We have gathered a large sample of items used by U.S. Servicemen during the Great War from 1917-1918.  



WWI German

In addition to the famous WWI German Pickelhaube & Stahlhelm, this section will include field gear, weapons, medals, insignia and other German military related items from 1914-1918.




The U.S. entered WWII officially in 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  Our WWII U.S. collection includes field gear, weapons, medals, insignia, patches, and uniforms used by service men & women from 1941-1945.  Make sure you see the Hells Angels A2 jacket and other named items in this section.



WWII German

Most of the items in this section were collected directly from U.S. WWII veterans or their family members.  We have included Heer (Army), Luftwaffe (Air Force), Kriegsmarine (Navy) & Schutzstaffel (SS) items such as Uniforms, Helmets, Hats, Medals, Daggers, Insignia & otther historically significant items.

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