WWII German

Most of the items in this section were purchased or donated by the WWII Veteran's family or the WWII veteran themselves.  Some have stories that go with them and when possible we will note who brought these items home with them after the war.  Unfortunately, we did not always get the stories or circumstance on how these items were retrieved.  Please contact us if you would like to donate items to our museum.


    WWII German Helmets              

From the M16 & M18 Transition Helmets of the early 1930s to the M42 Helmets worn in 1945, We will show and describe the styles of metal helmets worn by the German Army, SS, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and civilian organizations during WWII.  



   WWII German Headgear     

This section contains various headgear worn by the WWII German Army, SS, SA, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Political and civilian organizations during WWII. 


WWII German Medals & Insignia

From service medals to combat awards, from cuff titles to collar tabs, from the Iron Cross to the Knights Cross, you will be able to see original items that were worn by the German Army, SS, Luftwaffe & Kriegsmarine forces during WWII.


WWII German Daggers & Bayonets

From well used combat bayonets to high-end WWII German Dress Daggers.  WWII matching numbered bayonets, WWII German Army Daggers, WWII German Luftwaffe Daggers, SS Daggers & Civil / political Daggers.

    WWII German Uniforms          

Genuine WWII German Uniforms. Some named, all brought back by WWII U.S. Veterans!  WWII German Army Parade Uniform, WWII German RAD Uniform, WWII SS Uniform, WWII SA Uniform, WWII Camo Uniforms.

WWII German Miscellaneous

Items in this section do not fit in the other categories, but are some of the rarest WWII German Militaria we have!  High Leader Signed items, Concentration Camp items, field gear and other amazing WWII Collectibles!



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