WWII German Helmets

These are all genuine WWII German helmets.  Many like the SS helmets were brought back and purchased from the WWII Veteran or their estate.  This section is divided by branch of service; Heer (army) Luftwaffe (air force), SS, Kriegsmarine (navy) and Miscellaneous which include all helmets that don't fit into the above categories.  You will see early M16 and M18 WWII German Transition Helmets, M35 WWII German Helmets, M40 WWII German Helmets, M42 German Helmet Helmets, WWII German Pith Helmets & other miscellaneous WWII German Helmets. 


Heer (Army)

SS & Polizei

Luftwaffe (Air Force)


Civil & Miscellaneous

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