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The subject of WWII German Headgear & Hats is a subject  too vast to be covered in a few pages of text.  We will showcase the basic styles and variety of headgear used by Nazi Germany during World War Two.

Several distinct types of WWII German Field Caps (feldmutze) were authorized for wear when the Dress cap (Schirmmutze) or Steel Helmet was not required.  The first WWII German cap, model 38 feldmutze, was similar to the U.S. overseas cap.  It was modified into the model 40 & 42 feldmutze,  In 1943 the standard WWII German Field Cap (einheits-feldmutze) was issued.  This version had a front bill making it resemble a baseball cap. Most WWII Caps were made of wool or cotton twill.

When a more formal piece of headgear needed to be worn, the WWII German Peaked Hat or schirmmutze was used.  The schirmmutze was adopted for wear in 1813 Prussia.  There were many different manufacturers of the WWII German Peaked Hats, and the quality and materials used differed from one hat to the next.  Private purchase has are usually made with the finest materials and are the most collectible.

The final two sections include non-metal helmets such as WWII German Pith Helmets, NSKK Leather Motorcycle Helmets & Luftwaffe Flight Helmets.  The final section is Misc.German Headgear pictured such as a Kepi, Fez and winter fur caps.